A right pain in the rear end

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It doesn’t matter how well your seat is designed if you don’t sit properly. ALAN PAYLING

Alan Payling takes a light-hearted look at a serious issue that many drivers may have been sitting on for far too long, and often brought on by a bad habit when behind the wheel

There have been occasions when, having finished a day behind the wheel, I have had a real pain in the bum. It’s important to note that this wasn’t because of the job. After all, we all love working in this industry, don’t we? Yes? Of course we do. Good to hear it. So it wasn’t one of the many trials and tribulations that coach and bus drivers have to deal with on a daily basis that had caused or was causing the pain. No, this was an actual pain, a physical issue. And to be very clear and to be very precise about the location of the pain, I am talking here about a pain in one of my buttocks, namely my right one. Now if you’re reading this while you’re eating your breakfast, then please accept my apologies. I do accept that this was probably not a thought you wanted to entertain while you are eating your Rice Krispies. But you never know, this could be an article that sorts out your own pain in the bum. And if you haven’t got a pain there yet, this could help you avoid the pain and discomfort.


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