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Jonathan Welch speaks to Ticketer about its latest product, which helps operators understand the masses of data available to them

Speaking at the ALBUM conference in Edinburgh, Ticketer’s Head of Product Jason Mann was keen to demonstrate the company’s latest product, which has been designed to address an issue which many operators are facing: data overload. As technology has become an ever more integral part of bus and coach operation, be it technical, ticketing or operational, companies have increasing amounts of it available at their fingertips, but can often find there’s just too much, or it’s not easy to read or correlate. “One of the products we’re showing here at ALBUM is the Ticketer Insights Hub,” Jason explained. “From our perspective, we’ve always had lots of data. We’ve always been able to collect data about tickets, passenger numbers, bus locations, and all manner of useful data like that. We can create all kinds of reports, but they are static which can be very dry and it’s hard to really get a feel and an understanding of what that data is telling you.

“You can see the number of tickets sold or the revenue, but you can’t easily see patterns. The Ticketer Insights Hub is all about giving operators the ability to visualise that data in a much more interactive and visual way. You can start to navigate through the data and drill down into it. We’ve added this new capability, which can give different views so we can show passenger boardings in a much richer way,” he explained. “You can zero in on a particular point. Operators can look at certain things, find patterns and then better understand their network. With tap-on, tap-off, we can see where operators are getting on and where they are getting off, for example. That data is gold dust. It’s useful to see what each passenger is doing. And you can start to see where passengers are making two trips as part of a journey. If you see that lots of times, you can start to consider a direct route.


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