Davy Engineering announced as sole UK X-Mist distributor for the bus and coach industry

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West Midlands-based Davy Engineering has been announced as the sole UK distributor of a product that kills Covid-19 on contact (accredited to BS EN 14476).

Davy Engineering, supplier of original equipment steering and suspension component parts to the PSV industry, had been using the product themselves, and after interest from several transport groups, the decision was taken to stock and supply the product themselves.

X-Mist Company Director, Martin Lewis commented: “We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Davy Engineering as our sole distributor of X-Mist to the bus and coach industry”.

“We partnered with Davy as they are a well-established supplier of OE steering and suspension component parts to the PSV industry, they have existing contracts to supply original equipment to the major UK bus groups as well as the leading operators in the Far East”

“By supplying X-Mist to this industry, we can help to eradicate the spread of Covid-19. Public transport is key to getting Britain back to work and keeping safe is paramount, as Davy already supply depots across the country we see this as a perfect fit”.

The low-cost aerosol-based X-Mist sanitising product can be used to sanitise vehicles, depots and offices. The key benefits to the product are:

  • It kills Covid-19 on Contact as the alcohol content is over 80% and a log kill rate of 6, far above the Government’s 61% and log kill 3 guideline for total effectiveness against the airborne virus
  • Contains a Secondary broad-spectrum germicide that remains active for up to 7 days on the surfaces it lands on, killing viruses and germs far more resilient than Covid-19, including on hard to access areas
  • The microscopic coating will eliminate 99.9998% of germs, bacteria and viruses and will continue to kill on contact should the surface be re-contaminated by touch or droplets.
  • Product already has BS standard approvals for its germ control capabilities – BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650 and BS EN 14476
  • X-Mist has plenty of advantages compared to fogging, which is more expensive, labour intensive, time-consuming and can leave a wet residue (damages electrical equipment), it also relies on the operator ensuring the ‘fog’ reaches all areas.
  • Davy Engineering can provide operators with laminated signs or stickers stating that: ‘This vehicle has been sanitised using X-Mist’ which includes their web address and a brief statement about how X-Mist sanitises and protects, giving confidence to passengers and staff that the vehicle is safe to travel in.

Davy Engineering have also just introduced ‘X-Mist Ultimate All-Round Sanitser’ into their range (to compliment the aerosol sanitiser cans).

This is a 125ml hand sanitiser spray (aerosol can) which lasts up to 100 sprays. It can also be used to sanitise hands, steering wheels, handrails, keyboards etc.

For further information and a video of how X Mist works, please contact Davy Engineering: [email protected]  – 0121 711 4060 – www.davyhq.com