Has Arrival revolutionised the bus as we know it?

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The bus is in use, but will real-world operators stand for the impracticality of not being able to open the door unless the wheels are straight? RICHARD SHARMAN













Can a tech company really address the issues surrounding new bus development and get ahead of the established bus manufacturers with a blank sheet of paper and a fresh approach? Richard Sharman visited Arrival’s research and development facility in Banbury to find out

The needs of the bus industry have changed rapidly in the last few years; the push towards the needs of having a zero-emission bus fleet is greater than ever before, not just in terms of meeting legislation but also to be seen to be doing the right thing for the environment.

Mission statement

One thing I need to make clear before we get to the details about the bus is that Arrival was created with a mission statement. Just under a year ago I met with Mike Ableson, who is the Chief Executive Officer for North America, whilst undertaking a tour of the firm’s research and development facility in Banbury.

Whilst talking about Arrival as a company, he said: “Our mission here is clear, we are here to reduce emissions, to address climate change, to improve the quality of life in the cities, improve the user experience on public transport to get more people out of their cars.”

Having spoken to multiple employees in various departments at Arrival over the last few years I can tell that that mission statement is what they live and breathe by. You can tell a lot about work culture over a number of years and from the way that people speak about what they are working on. It certainly seems like this is not just a job for the workforce; this is about using cutting edge technology to bring about radical change.

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