High parking fees cause operators to ‘boycott’ Lincoln Christmas Market

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A number of coach operators have said they will not take coaches to the Lincoln Christmas Market this year
A number of coach operators have said they will not take coaches to the Lincoln Christmas Market this year

Coach operators are outraged at ‘confusing’ Lincoln Christmas Market parking prices

Coach operators are boycotting Lincoln Christmas Market this year as it was revealed that parking charges are said to be as high as £212.

Angry comments have since flooded social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a result of the ‘confusing’ booking fees released by City of Lincoln Council.

The pricing for coach parking varies depending on the vehicles size and time of booking. Operators with a coach with over 45 seats who book before November 22 can expect a charge of £91, if they vacate the coach park outside the hours of 1600 – 1800hrs. If the operator wishes to leave within those hours there will be a higher charge of £106.

Those that book after November 23 can expect the higher flat rate charge of £212, and all bookings must be taken in advance before arrival.

Smaller operators with 31- 45 seaters will be charged £69 if they book before November 22 and leave outside the hours of 1600 -1800hrs. However, a higher charge of £86 must be made if the coach leaves within those hours.

Bookings taken after that time can expect prices ranging between £169-£170.

16-30 seater vehicles who book before the November deadline can expect prices ranging from £69-£86, with a flat rate charge of £128 if they book after that time.

Smaller vehicles with up to 15 seats have been instructed to use the Park & Ride facility, which has an expected price of £25 per vehicle.

Morag Milligan of Milligan’s Coaches told CBW: “It’s the principal of it that has stopped me from advertising bookings for the past two years, I feel like coach operators are being penalised. If a customer wants to pay the parking fees on top of the operating costs then of course we will take them.

“The council appear to be discouraging coach operators with this hefty fee. They don’t seem to need our customers to boost their local economy. This year we’re going along the lines of period houses, as they have lovely smaller markets and parking is free.

“We are also offering our customers seats on journeys to the bigger markets like Liverpool and Manchester. I just don’t understand where Lincoln Council is coming from as they get a huge income from these markets and the prices will put people off – unless they don’t need the revenue from coach operators.

“Perhaps if more operators boycott Lincoln this year, they’ll lower the price for next year, as it’s a nice market despite reports of it being overcrowded.”

CBW also understands that operators not taking coaches to Lincoln’s Christmas Market this year include Dudley’s Coaches, Tanat Valley Coaches and Parry’s International.

Lincoln Council had not commented on the story as CBW went to press.