Irizar incorporates natural gas into range of power options

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UK coach operators are to benefit from the option of further green-powered coaches from the Irizar range

As part of its effort to offer innovative solutions for future mobility needs, the Irizar Group is incorporating compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) into its range of technologies, widening its range of efficient and sustainable products.

The manufacturer now offers a range which includes conventional coaches with Euro VI diesel, HVO, and natural gas or biogas to 100% electric vehicles, including coaches with parallel hybrid technology.

Irizar says the environmental benefits offered by coaches with this new technology include reduced CO2 emissions by between 20 and 25%, NOx by up to 60% and emissions of particulate matter by over 98%. In addition to higher thermal performance than diesel, vibrations and noise emissions are also minimised by between four and five decibels. In terms of operating cost, it estimates that the reduction may be as high as 35%, depending on the price differential between the cost of gas and diesel, and says maintenance costs remain similar to that of a conventional diesel vehicle.

Irizar says that the vehicles have a range of up to 500 km in the CNG version and twice as far using LNG.

The range of gas vehicles includes the Irizar i4 and i3le models from 12 to 15 metres in CNG versions and i4, i6 and i6S from 12 to 15 metres in the LNG version, all on Scania chassis. The first vehicle equipped with this technology is the i4, which incorporates four longitudinal type IV CNG cylindrical tanks, with a total volume of 1260 dm3 and an approximate gas capacity of 240kg. However, depending on the needs of the operator, it can be fitted with an additional tank to increase range. It is also fitted with a filling panel with two gas outlets and a pressure gauge.

The vehicles are equipped with the same air-conditioning system as diesel vehicles. The height of the interior ceiling, the interior luggage racks and the luggage compartment capacity are the same as the diesel version. The driver has a gas control display to monitor the system.

Irizar says it has already taken orders for the first of the vehicles.

Irizar has launched CNG and LNG versions of its coach range. IRIZAR