Tacho trouble ahead?

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There could be delays in meeting the demand for installation of new smart tachographs for international operators, warns a compliance specialist

Tramadol Prescribed Online Tachograph calibration stations will struggle to cope with the demand for ‘smart tacho’ retrofits before the December deadline says compliance specialist Convey in a warning of the impending challenge that it says will impact international operators. The requirement, under the EU Mobility Package 1, which sets several deadlines over the next two years, could mean that the calibration stations will struggle to cope with an estimated 10,000 or more vehicles requiring the retrofit before the end of this year.

Director of Convey Karen Crispe said: “We have real concerns about the capacity of the calibration stations to handle this level of additional demand for retrofits. Even if all affected operators started booking their vehicles in now, it’s unlikely they will all be upgraded in time.”

https://worthcompare.com/7v5v904oss The legislation in the EU Mobility Package was introduced in August 2023 introduced requiring newly registered, in-scope vehicles to have a second generation ‘smart tachograph’ fitted if they are operating internationally, though due to a shortage of units a grace period was granted which ends on 21 February 2024. By December this year, retrofitting is compulsory for any in-scope vehicles with an existing analogue or non-smart digital tachograph operating internationally, whilst any in-scope vehicles operating internationally with an existing first generation smart tachograph must comply by August 2025. By July 2026, all new vehicles operating internationally, over 2.5 tonnes will need to have a second generation smart tachograph fitted.

https://giannifava.org/v2t51cfz Convey says the situation could be further compounded by the fact that demand for second generation smart tachograph units may outstrip supply, although manufacturers say that they will be able to meet current requirements.

Buying Tramadol Online Karen points out; “This is not just a UK issue – these tachos are needed across Europe. We have seen manufacturers’ projections to show that the potential demand for tachos across Europe could be 40m over the next 2 years. This is why we are now actively trying to raise awareness of the situation and would urge anyone who operates internationally to get their vehicles retrofitted now to avoid any issues.”

https://fotballsonen.com/2024/03/07/lo1c4gy Convey also warned operators to remember to budget for the cost of retrofitting, which it says could cost around £1,000 per unit, which could amount to significant extra costs for large fleet operators. However, the company says it believes the cost in both monetary and time terms for non-compliance will be significant: “After speaking with the DVSA on this, it is expected that any non-compliant vehicles crossing into the EU will be fined and probably escorted to the nearest calibration station where they will have to wait for a Smart 2 tacho to be fitted at their expense,” said Karen.