There’s more to Prime. A busload more

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Jeremy Clarkson with Kaleb Cooper. AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

Whilst you might have seen the big Amazon Prime trucks on the motorway sporting their ‘There’s more to Prime. A truckload More’ slogans on the back of the trailer, series 2 of ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ on Amazon Prime Video – which made its debut on 10 February – is more a case of spot the Pulham’s bus.

If you are not familiar with Clarkson’s Farm, Prime Video film crews follow the exploits of motoring journalist, Top Gear and The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson as he diversifies into the farming world and sets up Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire.


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He is joined, amongst others, by young farmer Kaleb Cooper, who teaches him how to farm and drive his Lamborghini tractor, his land agent and agronomist ‘Cheerful Charlie’ Ireland and girlfriend Lisa Hogan who runs the farm shop. However, amongst the various pieces of farming equipment and animals the eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted various Pulham’s Coaches vehicles in shot as the picture pans across the countryside or they film the local Oxfordshire County Council supported X9 route between Chipping Norton and Witney pass the farm, or in the case of the picture shown here, watch Clarkson try and pass a Pulham’s Optare Solo SR whilst trying, unsuccessfully, not to run over the traffic cones put out to stop farm visitors parking on the verges near his farm… In another shot an Optare Olympus-bodied Volvo B9TL is seen running back towards the firm’s Witney outstation. So if you are a Clarkson fan, check it out on Amazon Prime Video. It is certainly an entertaining watch, with the added bonus of a number of buses shown!

A tight squeeze near Chadlington! AMAZON PRIME VIDEO