Ticketer collaborates with DfT on Covid-19 travel data

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Ticketer has not paused since being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2020, and continues to be committed to supporting Operators, Passengers and Authorities, including the Government, during this horrid time.

“This is a critical time for our industry and as a business we’ve had to remain agile and adapt to a new world. Fresh thinking, utter commitment, and complete flexibility to meet ever-changing requirements have been key.”  said John Clarfelt, Ticketer CEO.

Ticketer has been working very closely with the Government, and in particular the DfT, to help inform the Downing Street briefings on national public transport usage on an hourly and daily basis.

Meera Nayyar, Head of Passenger Experience, Buses and Taxis, Department for Transport said: “it’s an absolute pleasure to collaborate with the Ticketer Team who are always very responsive. We’ve been delighted with how Ticketer has anonymised and aggregated data to share with the DfT for the public good.”

Operators have also directly benefited from this Government partnership, with Ticketer being in a prime position to help speed up the submission and payment of Government Grants by collaboratively developing the necessary data reporting for the Covid-19 Bus Services Support Grant (CBSSG) for its Operators.

The Ticketer way is to work closely with Operators to understand what’s front of mind for them, and in doing so have prioritised support and development of key initiatives to provide additional, key functionality, free of charge during this period. Some examples are:

  • Implementing the £45 EMV contactless card limit – seamless transition for additional steps to safeguard passengers and drivers through encouraging use of contactless.
  • Passenger counting through enhanced capacity measurement – accurate, immediate bus by bus capacity reporting for enhanced operational efficiency, and passenger safety. Delivered as a matter of urgency for operators, in less than a month.
  • Road Restriction Alerts – providing enhanced safety for new drivers and routes, especially important during Covid-19 new routes and diversions.
  • First Use Check – automating defect reporting, removing paper and simplifying the process with checks and faults captured electronically, reducing engineering staffing levels and with less contact between the driver and engineer.
  • Wheelchair availability – recognising the importance of this, operators can now view remotely, and advise disabled passengers whether there is space for them on board, avoiding the need to wait in crowded areas unnecessarily.
  • Bus capacity monitoring at Bus Stops – to enhance passenger safety and increase operator’s capacity awareness. Drivers are advised if specific vehicle capacity has been reached, operations can review, and react to capacity performance remotely, and passengers can be alerted on their apps.
  • Automation for Bus Open Data Service (BODS) reporting – with increased frequency of timetable changes during this time, Ticketer can directly supply data requirements, taking away the pain of manual procedures, and enhancing accuracy.

Founded in 2009, Ticketer is now the UK’s most widely deployed ticketing systems supplier, with Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETMs) on buses across the UK.