Tourism: what if we went from ‘all culpable’ to ‘all capable’?

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Arnaud Masson, Executive Director, Digital & Sightseeing at RATP Dev. TOOT BUS

Executive Director for Digital & Sightseeing at RATP Dev’s Tootbus sightseeing operation Arnaud Masson considers matters of the environmental impact of tourism

For a company in the tourist sector like Tootbus, getting through Covid-19 wasn’t an easy task. We might have expected summer 2022 to come as a relief as it brought tourists back to European cities, and our business back to something close to pre-Covid levels.

However, it was with a certain solemnity that our vehicles hit the roads again, as another crisis is unfolding. And, like Covid-19, it concerns every one of us on the planet. We’re talking about the climate crisis, of course. Last summer, everyone saw for themselves the damage it causes, and it can no longer be denied (for those who were still trying). But whereas the pandemic was largely beyond our control, the climate crisis is directly connected to our actions. At a time when even the CEO of Paris Airports is calling for restraint regarding flights, how can the tourism sector possibly avoid taking a long hard look at itself?


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