Traffic light priority for buses in Swansea

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First Cymru passengers will benefit from the technology in Swansea. GARETH EVANS

Traffic lights in Swansea could be configured to turn green for late-running buses, the Sunday Express reported.

Buses that are running late are set to get priority at traffic lights in the city, with the system able to instantly change the sequence at lights, giving it priority over other vehicles. This aims to help speed up journey times and end delays for customers.

Speaking to the BBC, Justin Davies, Managing Director of First Cymru, said: “We have the ability to know exactly where our vehicles are minute by minute as the day progresses.

“As we collect that data, that’s going to be transmitted into the local authority in Swansea.

“If a bus is running a little bit late, the traffic lights will change to favour the bus to enable its journey to be slightly speeded up and catch up the time. Where the bus is running normally, the traffic light sequence will be absolutely as it is.

“Because we’ve got so much more information now than we’ve previously had, we’re starting to see quite clearly where the timetables don’t quite work or where the services aren’t working as well as we want them to – the punctuality isn’t where it needs to be.

“We need to go through the process of adjusting the timetables, work out where we need to take some time away from journeys or even add a bit of time in.

“Over the next six months, you’ll see a step change in the quality of service being delivered.”

London, Newcastle and Cambridge are also reported to be in discussions about the traffic light system.