Where are we headed?

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Congestion is an ongoing challenge, persistently slowing down bus journey speeds. Congestion is seen here in Edinburgh. GARETH EVANS

Darren Turpin, UK Marketing Manager at Trapeze Group, takes a look at where the UK transport industry is predicted to be in 2018, with help from some contributors

Where will the UK transport sector take us in 2018? This seemingly simple question is rather challenging to answer. A broad range of factors – including cultural, technological, legal and regulatory – are converging, creating a sector simultaneously rife with opportunity but also fraught with challenges.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS), availability of increasingly rich data, merging transport modes and even autonomous vehicles are driving some of the most dramatic changes our industry has ever seen. And yet these factors are balanced alongside the traditional and mundane: continued budgetary constraints and the endless quest for greater efficiency.

Our objective with this article is to ‘check the pulse’ on the UK transport industry by obtaining a broad perspective on where we are collectively headed. To that end we have reached out to a group of partners, colleagues and industry peers, asking them to consider the complex web of influences shaping our sector in order to answer the question, “what’s the biggest transit trend for 2018?”

The responses we received were wide ranging, fascinating and enlightening. We present them within this article, broadly grouped into factors driving the industry forward, and those challenges restricting change.

We thank our contributors for their efforts and hope you find their views as valuable as we do. Without further delay, here are our predictions for public transport in 2018 – and a little beyond.[…]

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