Aircoach’s 24/7 airport operation explored

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FirstGroup’s Irish subsidiary, Aircoach, has been part of the group since 2003. In that time Aircoach brand recognition in Ireland has grown. Richard Sharman look’s at the Aircoach operation and how it delivers its express airport network of services

Aircoach was set up in 1998 by John O’Sullivan, who had previously worked as an engineer with Bus Éireann, to operate express airport services.Five years later he had built the Aircoach fleet up to 40 vehicles, many of which were Setra S415HDs, the preferred vehicle of choice at that time.

Aircoach has been standardising on the Volvo B11R/Plaxton Panther 3 since 2014. C32 is seen in Dublin city centre. RICHARD SHARMAN
Aircoach has been standardising on the Volvo B11R/Plaxton Panther 3 since 2014. C32 is seen in Dublin city centre. RICHARD SHARMAN

John had a strong business, but major funds were required to take operations to the next level. In November 2003, FirstGroup acquired 90% of Last Passive LTD t/a Aircoach. John retained 10% and stayed on as Managing Director. […]

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Fleet Numbers:
AircoachFirstRegistrationsVehicle Details
B206400002-D-78371 (New as LV02 UUC)Mercedes-Benz Citaro
B73-8111073-8108-D-67693-4/7/69040/3/70/69972-4Mercedes-Benz Citaro G
B82-311082-309-D-5300/3Mercedes-Benz Citaro G
B8411084131-D-28391Wright StreetLite
B851108805-G-16967Mercedes-Benz Citaro G
B946400006-D-85192Volvo B7RLE/ Wright Eclipse Urban
C1-1020901-10141-D-24/6/5/7-32/4Volvo B11R/ Plaxton Panther 3
C11-1620911-6142-D-15753/2/0/48/9/51Volvo B11R/ Plaxton Panther 3
C17-2220917-22152-D-8648/51/6-7/9/62Volvo B11R/ Plaxton Panther 3
C23-2820923-8162-D-15011/12/09/13/14/10Volvo B11R/ Plaxton Panther 3
C29-3220929-32171-D-2633-6Volvo B11R/ Plaxton Panther 3
F33-3920933-9IGZ 6135/2/1/29/33/36/30Volvo B11R/ Plaxton Panther 3
C40-4820940-9191-D- To be ConfirmedVolvo B11R/ Plaxton Panther 3
C492404905-D-62327 (New as BX05 UVA)Setra S315GT-HD
C51-5720651-708-D-69442/70256/70351-2/4/7/9Volvo B12BT/ Jonkheere JSV
C61-4/620661-4/609-D-2773-4/7/3364/3708Volvo B12BT/ Jonkheere JSV
Key:Fleetnumber Prefix B: Dublin Airport parking shuttle bus C: Aircoach F: First Northern Ireland