An un-ewe-sual passenger

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An unusual view from the cab for driver Martine. BRIGHTON & HOVE BUSES

When Brighton & Hove Buses driver Martine Patey set off on a journey to Eastbourne for her first ever rail replacement duty one Sunday morning, she wasn’t sure what the day would hold, but she didn’t think she’d be wrangling a sheep on the A27.

As she approached the major road, Martine spotted a coach stopped with its hazard lights on, before seeing a flash of white run out from behind it, causing chaos and danger for passing cars. Animal lover Martine decided to pull over, donned her high-vis vest and attempt to help the lost sheep out of the road and into safety.


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“The sheep was running all over the road,” said Martine. “It was difficult to catch, but then it slipped just in front of me and I was able to get hold of it and to use my handbag strap like a lasso. Two other motorists had stopped to help and together we were able to hold onto it until the police arrived.”

The sheep had a brief trip up onto the bus, with the police asking Martine to take it back to a local farm, before the farmer arrived and it was safely returned to his truck. Martine then resumed her journey to Eastbourne where she arrived only one minute late. All in a morning’s work!