Carlyle Bus & Coach Launch Vehicle Safety Range Catalogue

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Carlyle Bus and Coach and Brigade Electronics have joined forces to provide the PCV market with the latest vehicle safety devices.

Carlyle’s new catalogue is now available with a range of Brigade products including white sound reversing alarms, camera-monitor systems, mobile digital recording systems, real speech warning alarms and ultrasonic obstacle detection systems.

Brigade’s camera monitor systems provide all round driver visibility and can be triggered by indicator selection, doors opening or reverse gear to provide the driver with the crucial view when manoeuvring. Camera systems eliminate the need for large clusters of blind spot mirrors, prevent costs associated with broken mirrors and reduce driver stress.

The cameras can link to Brigade’s mobile digital recorder (MDR-304) to capture real time footage which can prove invaluable in court. Easy to install, data access is simple, yet secure. The lockable hard drive is easily removed for connection to a PC or laptop for data download. Optional GPS logs time, date, location and speed, which can provide information in the case of a claim or accident.

Carlyle’s marketing assistant, Christine Danks said: “The ‘beepbeep’ reversing alarms are missing from the catalogue. We feel they cause a noise nuisance. Instead we have replaced them with Brigade’s white sound reversing alarms (bbstek), which create a ‘ssh-ssh’ sound much gentler on the ear. They are approved by the Noise Abatement Society. More importantly the sound source is instantly locatable, preventing confusion as to which vehicle is reversing, making them the safest option.”

Brigade’s Backscan ultrasonic obstacle detection systems are ideal for vehicles needing to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Backscan detects objects and people in the vehicle’s path, providing audible warnings to the driver.”

To download a copy of the new catalogue please visit:

For more information contact Carlyle’s Head Office on: 0121 524 1200