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B&H 100% on bus WiFi

Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company (B&H) has equipped its entire 265-strong bus fleet with free WiFi. The WiFi, supplied by Icomera and utilising the company’s M340 boxes, has been fitted on both the […]

Bus News

EYMS launches new mobile app

East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) has announced a multiyear contract deal with Passenger Technology Group’s mobile ticketing app, Passenger. The app was launched in April and in the first few weeks it has already been […]


Gardiners NMC buys Epsom Coaches

Surrey coach tour operation to join Northumberland fold Northumberland-based Gardiners NMC has done a deal with Epsom Coaches to continue operating Epsom’s holiday and day excursion programme when the popular Surrey firm shuts its coach […]