New Iveco Bus Euro 6 range at Busworld Kortrijk

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Iveco Bus will present a renewed range at Busworld Kortrijk equipped with Euro 6 engines developed by FPT Industrial.

The existing Tector and Cursor Euro 5 EEV engines give way to the new Tector 7 and Cursor 9 Euro 6 engines with higher cylinder displacements (Tector increases from 5.9 to 6.7 litres and the Cursor from 7.8 to 8.7 litres). These engines guarantee more power and more torque alongside lower fuel consumption.

In contrast to the Cursor 8, the Cursor 9 Euro 6 engine is designed with the latest generation of Common Rail injection installed under the valve cover. This allows for significant noise reduction inside the vehicle. To meet the new Euro 6 regulations, the engines have adopted the exclusive Hi-eSCR (High Efficiency SCR) technology patented by FPT Industrial. This technology retains optimal engine combustion through fresh air intake only. Cleaning is entirely assured by the after-treatment process, downstream from the engine which, as a consequence, does not require the use of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). This technology is particularly suited for buses and coaches with rear engines which have high cooling constraints (taking into account the EGR system needs a minimum of 30% more cooling for the same power) and also for urban missions characterised by low commercial speeds and frequent stops.

The Hi-eSCR technology presents a simple solution for the reduction of pollutant emissions as stipulated by the Euro 6 standards. Hi-eSCR functions without the addition of complex components, without the presence of chemical pollution in the engine and its peripherals and without excessive thermal stress. This, claims Iveco, results in reduced weight and increased reliability.

Additional improvements include the modernisation and optimisation of transmissions and reduced vehicle weight, which allow for a 5 – 10% reduction in fuel consumption compared to Euro 5 (depending on the model and mission type).

The Iveco Bus Euro 6 range, with its Hi-eSCR technology and attractive new innovations, has already enticed a high number of customers. Over 500 orders have been received to date, the latest coming from Swiss transport operator Post Auto.


Unveiled earlier this year at the UITP Congress in Geneva, equipped with a transversal Cursor 9 engine, the Urbanway bus will be introduced with a new Tector 7 longitudinal engine to better respond to a wider variety of transit network operating conditions.

With the Tector 7, 286bhp engine, the Urbanway boasts a weight reduction over 800 kilograms lighter than its predecessor (the 12m Citelis with a Cursor 8 engine, 290 HP) thereby offering a 10% increase in passenger capacity and benefiting operator profitability.

The driver’s area wis developed according to the latest EBSF (European Bus System of the Future) guidelines, under the aegis of UITP, providing the very best in ergonomics, room and comfort.


Crossway Euro 6 now features new length,variants, notably a 13m version – other options are 10.8m and 12m – and three model types (the Low Entry homologated version for both bus and coach, the intercity version and the mixed routes version replacing the Arway/Evadys H Euro 5 EEV.

The 13m version offers passenger capacity of 63. It is the only vehicle on the market not exceeding 13m which offers 63 seats and retains its agility and manoeuvrability. The transition to Euro 6 has also significantly improved on-board comfort by reducing interior noise levels by more than half.

The driver’s area has been improved through a 10cm lengthening: the result of an increase in the front overhang. The ergonomics of the driver’s area have also been developed with a new dashboard and a 65 degree turning driver’s seat.


The Magelys Euro 6 is the brand flagship vehicle in the touring coach segment. Bboth stylish and dynamic, it offers enhanced passenger viewing via special roofside windows.

Magelys also features a significant weight reduction and optimises cost of ownership by integrating standardised components.

Equipped with a Cursor 9 Euro 6 engine, it can be specially adapted to meet the needs of each specific customer with the choice of rear axle ratios best suited to specific applications. Magelys also offers easy access via a passenger lift and can provide WiFi connection, several electrical 220 V & USB outlets for every type of digital device and LCD monitors.