Office of Traffic Commissioner calls for operators to keep track of their licence discs

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Always check vehicles you’re selling or aren’t running, says the OTC

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) has published a warning to operators, reminding them to keep track of their licence discs – particularly when they sell a vehicle or don’t run one for an extended period.

“Think about the last vehicle you sold or took off your licence,” the OTC says. “Do you remember what you did with the licence disc?

“Chances are you took it out of the vehicle, but sometimes in business you can get distracted and forget that one last task.

“We’ve been out speaking to operators recently about some of the challenges they face.

“One company told us that getting discs out of vehicles had been an issue for them. In fact, leaving a disc in a vehicle by mistake impacted on their OCRS score. The vehicle was presented for MOT and failed. This was recorded against the company’s O-Licence.

“They weren’t operating the vehicle, but the disc had been displayed in the window when it was presented for test.

“Even though records can be changed, this one small omission caused issues.

“Looking after O-Licence discs is a vital part of your vehicle management. Vehicles you’ve taken off your licence should be checked too – if a disc is still in the window, it could be mistakenly used or put into service without licence authority.”