Are they really smart motorways?

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Citing a recent experience behind the wheel, coach driver columnist Drive shares his opinion of smart motorways – and asks whether others feel the same

Last month, I had a job from the Surrey area to Dartford, which involved coming back about two hours later. On the return journey, I joined the M25 at junction 2 clockwise, intending to exit the M25 at junction 15. On my approach to junction 6, the matrix signs over the carriageway were displaying “Report of Debris on Carriageway,” coupled with the advisory 50mph speed limit signs.
Continuing on, I saw that there was minimal traffic on the anti-clockwise carriageway.

Slowing my speed down, I saw in the distance, flashing blue lights and flashing orange lights. Due to ‘rubber neckers’ and the advisory 50mph speed limit, I to had to slow down as I passed the incident.

As I drove by the incident, I noticed that there was a recovery vehicle in the outside lane (lane 4), a damaged vehicle behind that, two police cars and an ambulance. A few hundred yards behind these vehicles, was a solitary police car forming a road block across all four lanes.[…]

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