Snowdonia Travel Ltd licence revoked

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A Public Inquiry was held in regard to Snowdonia Travel Ltd and Transport Manager Nicholas Siddaway on 5 July in Cardiff by the Traffic Commissioner for Wales.

Traffic Commissioner Nick Jones’ decision contained the following details of the hearing: “Snowdonia Travel Ltd PG1143169 was granted a standard international operator’s licence in 2016. Originally the operating centre was in North Wales. The director sold the business to Rhys Hand who at the time of the hearing before me was sole director; the operating centre was changed to Newport, in South Wales. Nicholas Siddaway was the nominated transport manager.

“Various complaints were received which led to checks as to timetable compliance by Bus Users Cymru. Initially this revealed decent levels of timetable compliance that varied between 92% and 100% adherence to registered timetable. Following later complaints it emerged that the operator ceased running registered services without providing the necessary formal notice. This led to the Public Inquiry before me.”

Aside from members of the public, in attendance at a Public Inquiry held in Cardiff on 5 July 2019 were: Nicholas Ronald Siddaway, Transport Manager; and

  • Sian Thomas, Bus Compliance Officer for Bus Users Cymru.
    Findings made in respect of Snowdonia Travel Ltd were:
  • The operator has failed to operate a local service registered under section 6 of the Transport Act 1985;
  • Since the licence has been issued there has been a material change in the circumstances of the holder, section 17 (3) (e) of the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981;
  • The operator no longer satisfies the requirement for financial standing, sections 17(1)(a) and 14ZA of the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981;
  • An order is made that the operator pay a financial penalty under section 155 (1A) of the Transport Act 2000. The penalty to be imposed is £100 for each vehicle authorised, which is three. Accordingly the financial penalty
  • to be paid is £300. This is to be paid within 28 days or it could potentially go to the repute of the operator. The monies are payable to the Welsh Government; and
  • The operator’s licence is revoked forthwith.
  • Findings in respect of Transport Manager Nicholas Ronald Siddaway:
  • Traffic Commissioner Nick Jones did not take away the repute of Nicholas Ronald Siddaway, but it is tarnished.