THINK! campaign relaunch reminds drivers to beware of vulnerable road users

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A year after changes to the Highway Code designed to protect vulnerable road users, a Government campaign has been re-launched to remind people to ‘Travel Like you Know Them’. The THINK! campaign offers a snapshot into the lives of other road users, aiming to help people see beyond the mode of transport and improve understanding of how others see and use the road, with an emphasis on those who have a greater responsibility to reduce the risk they may pose to others.

The Highway Code was changed in 2022 following consultation with walking, cycling and disability groups on the proposed changes in 2020, to give priority at junctions to people cycling straight ahead and people waiting to cross or already crossing the road, to encourage drivers to pass horse riders at under 10mph and allow at least 2m of space and keep to a low speed when passing people walking on the road, to leave at least 1.5m when overtaking cyclists at speeds of up to 30mph, and more at higher speeds, and to remember that people cycling are permitted to ride two abreast or in the centre of the lane if it is safer to do so, pulling in when safe to allow vehicles to overtake.

Roads Minister, Richard Holden said: “We have some of the safest roads in the world and will continue to strive to improve road safety for all users. It is fantastic that the Travel Like You Know Them campaign is back to continue to raise awareness of these important changes and to change behaviour on our roads to help keep those more at risk safe.”

The Government released another £47.5 million of safer roads funding in April, so that local authorities with some of the most dangerous local roads across England have more support to keep road users safe, building on the £147.5m that the Safer Road Fund has provided to Local Authorities already for schemes to improve local A roads. The Government estimates that the work funded by the Safer Road Fund will save around 1,450 people from being killed or seriously injured on our roads over the next 20 years.

Antony Kildare, Chief Executive at IAM RoadSmart, commented: ”Since the new Highway Code changes were rolled out, there has been further need of an educational campaign to ensure the amendments are disseminated and fully adopted by the millions of existing drivers, motorcyclists and other road users. As a road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart believes a relaunch of the ‘Travel Like You Know Them’ campaign that encourages motorists to think of others, and that aims to influence behavioural change may prevent people from taking unnecessary and uniformed risks.”