Go with the Flow

Jonathan Welch learns about the growth in contactless and open payments from Flowbird’s Paul Rogers How we travel is constantly evolving, and although the process of boarding a bus and paying might be something travellers […]


Evolving Equipmake

Norfolk-based Equipmake is on the verge of releasing its first brand new double-decker bus onto the streets of London for in service trials. Richard Sharman speaks to the man behind the company who started out […]


The future’s arrived

AI technology once seemed like the work of science fiction, but companies like Exeros Technologies are at the forefront of rolling the lifesaving systems out across the passenger transport industry. Peter Jackson learns more If […]


(Not) just the ticket

Transport Ticketing Global once again showcased how the concept of ticketing is set to change over the decades to come. Peter Jackson caught a glimpse into the future of the sector The turn of the […]