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A bridge too far?

Our coaching insider wonders how the scrapping of Severn crossing tolls might benefit coach tourism The tolls for the Severn crossing are to be abolished by December 31, 2018. This stands to increase the volume […]

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Tools for Trade

In the hills by the Douro River in Portugal there is a small historic village called Castelo Rodrigo. Situated close to the boarder with Spain, it dates back to 500 BC having once been conquered […]

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Cyclists curse coaches

CBW’s coach driver columnist, Drive, who works for a South of England operator and is a frequent visitor to the capital, shares his frustrations about driving in London and also sheds some light on the […]


Keeping to the times

As we still wait to hear the shape of the industry’s future in respect of the ‘f’ word and likely greater political interference in the commercial market, my mind turned to just why there is […]