Paris parking changes

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The CPT Coaching Team has received the notification from Pass Autocar Paris concerning certain changes to registration and charging structure for the parking of coaches in the French capital.

The Board of Paris decided at its meetings on September 26-27, 2011, on the following changes to the Pass Autocar (translation from French):

  1. Creation of a “Pass Eco Autocar” which allows subscriber companies using coaches in Paris, compliant with the latest anti-pollution standards, to have an immediate discount of 10% to 20% on the parking-unit cost;
  2. The minimum Euro standard for eligibility for the Subscriber Pass pricing will be Euro 3;
  3. Annual revisions of the pricing schemes for the Pass Autocar;
  4. Modifications to the titles of several passes for “better understanding” (for example the “Pass 24 heures” will become the “Pass Jour/Nuit”);
  5. Creation of subscriber tariff relating to multiple parking periods, satisfactory with the observed practices;
  6. New rule specifying the starting date of the validity period of Subscriber Pass units, allowing 90 days of validity for the purchased units;
  7. New pricing rule more favourable when the deadline is not respected for a daily pass;
  8. Rate increase when purchasing a daily pass on site is fixed at €15;
  9. The penalty in case of Pass Autocar ticket loss is fixed at €130;
  10. Conditions of eligibility to the School Pass Autocar are extended to the transport of children by authorized bodies for the whole year;
  11. The 50% discount awarded to the Disabled Pass Autocar and the School Pass Autocar are extended to the supplementary hours, when the hour limits of the Pass Autocar are overrun.

Measures 1 to 3 will take effect from May 1, 2012, allowing you to take them into account in your business activities for the New Year. Measures 4 to 11 became effective from January 1, 2012.

More information may be obtained on the Pass Autocar website at https://pass.