Venomous spider on show

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Known as ‘Phoneutria Nigriventer’, the Brazilian wandering spider and is highly aggressive and venomous
Known as ‘Phoneutria Nigriventer’, the Brazilian wandering spider and is highly aggressive and venomous

Recently found spider re-housed at butterfly farm

One of the world’s most venomous spiders has been found and safely re-housed at the Stratford Butterfly Farm.

Two weeks ago the spider was found in a warehouse in Coventry which brings in produce on pallets from all over the world. The people who found it could not speak English but realised it was unusual and took it to KBN Reptiles inCoventrywho then delivered it to the Stratford Butterfly Farm.

The spider, which is usually found in tropical South and Central America, appeared in the Guinness World Records in 2010 as the world’s most venomous spider. The bite is potent and can be deadly in some cases.

The spider hit the headlines earlier this year when it was found its venom can cause four-hour long erections and ‘could be the new Viagra’. A two-year study has found that the venom contains a toxin, called Tx2-6, which causes erections. However, other side effects on top of the long, painful erections (called a priapism which can lead to long term erectile dysfunction or even impotence) include loss of muscle control, severe pain, difficulty breathing and if its victim is not treated with anti-venom, could lead to death due to oxygen deprivation.

The spiders can grow to have a leg span of up to 4 – 5 inches. Their body length ranges from 0.7-1.9 inches. Wandering spiders are so-called because they wander the jungle floor at night, rather than residing in a lair or maintaining a web. During the day the spiders hide inside termite mounds, under fallen logs and rocks, and in banana plants.

Emma Butt, marketing manager of the Stratford Butterfly Farm said: “We are delighted to have re-housed this Brazilian wandering spider which, although dangerous, is safely installed in one of our alarmed tanks and completely safe for visitors to view.

Emma added: “We are grateful for KBN Reptiles in Coventry delivering it to us and adding to our fantastic range of venomous species!”

Stratford Butterfly Farm is open from 1000hrs – 1800hrs. For more information, visit the or call 01789 299288.