Chalkwell Coach Hire embraces Envirox

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A Scania Irizar coach in Chalkwell’s attractive livery
A Scania Irizar coach in Chalkwell’s attractive livery

Chalkwell agrees to a full commercial trial of the fuelsaving additive Envirox

Chalkwell Coach Hire & Tours (Chalkwell) has decided to carry out a full commercial trial on Energenics’ fuel saving additive Envirox across the whole of its fleet of 61 coaches and buses, beginning in June this year. An additive dosing unit will be installed at the company’s main depot in Murston near Sittingbourne, Kent, and the bulk diesel fuel storage tank will be treated with Envirox for an initial nine-month period.

Envirox is based on a wellknown oxidation catalyst widely used in catalytic converters. The material has been re-engineered using nanotechnology to allow it to be delivered as a diesel fuel treatment. This ensures a cleaner burn within the combustion chamber, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. It also facilitates the removal of carbon deposits from the engine and diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Stagecoach UK Bus has used Envirox nationally since 2005, followed more recently by East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) and others.

Clive Eglinton, Managing Director of Chalkwell told CBW: “As well as the potential financial benefits we see this as a means of improving our environmental performance. We are targeting an average fuel saving of 4% which is equivalent to 58 tonnes of CO2 on an annualised basis. 28 vehicles in our fleet already have diesel particulate filters fitted, but we expect to remove a further 27 kg of particulate emissions per year from the rest of the fleet through the use of Envirox.

“We read about EYMS and Stagecoach using the products and they are sufficiently hard-nosed for us to know Envirox is serious and effective.”

Mr Eglinton continued: “Energenics has been very helpful and Envirox wasn’t a hard sell. They gave in-depth information about the product and helped with the installation – it wasn’t just a salesman showing up at the door with a box of stuff and leaving it with us.”

Mike Attfield, Chief Executive Officer of Energenics Europe, said: “We are delighted to welcome Chalkwell as a new customer. This promises to be a valuable opportunity to validate Envirox performance in a mixed coaching and bus operation. The fuel savings from the vehicles fitted with DPFs will be of particular interest for the future as it appears that particulate filter technology will be factory fitted in all Euro 6 buses and coaches.”